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Vibration Mounting

Keman Rubber produces high quality vibration mounting.

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An anti-vibration mounting is an elastic item acting as a barrier between two objects to reduce noise and vibration so that the other object will have minimal impact from the vibrating object. Isolating vibrations is important in preventing damage to the connected objects.

Keman Vibration Mounting works perfectly isolating between two items and protecting your valuable machines and equipment from unnecessary damage or shorten lifetime.

Keman Vibration Mounting is available in either natural rubber or synthetic rubber. We can fully customized the product to match your design and requirements.

Keman Vibration Mounting

Why choose Keman Vibration Mounting:

  • ISO certified
  • Fully customizable
  • Longstanding experience

Other Anti-Vibration Products:

Keman Rubber Bearing Pad PT Kemenangan

Bearing Pad

Keman Elastomeric Bearing Pad has been used widely to support structures such as road and bridges.

Keman Rubber Expansion Joint PT Kemenangan Steel Pipe Connector

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Keman Anti Vibration Joint for PVC pipes

Anti-Vibration Joint

Anti-Vibration Joint is a rubber connector to isolate the vibration from one side to another to protect PVC pipes installed on elevated toll roads.


Please do not hesitate asking us should you have any question or concern.

What kind of vibration mountings are available?

PT Kemenangan manufactures conical and sandwich mountings, but we are gladly help our customers to get their perfect fit of vibration mountings. Please let us know your design requirements.

What kind of rubber is available for the vibration mountings?

Keman Rubber uses natural rubber as well as synthetic rubber as the raw material. We will use the most suitable material for your projects.