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Inflatable Fender

Dan-Fender has a superior quality for an inflatable fender.

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Dan-Fender Heavy Duty Inflatable Fender’s quality is the best in the market for protecting your valuable boat. Dan-Fender has a comprehensive range of sizes and colors. The inflatable fenders that fit from small dinghies, leisure yachts, fishing boats, patrol boats, police boats, border patrol boats to navy ships. Heavy Duty fenders are produced with solid rope holds for ultimate strength, strong and flexible material for all weather conditions, high quality valve-systems for easy inflation and air-hold. The quality control department tests 100% of the Heavy Duty fenders. Every single one produced is being tested for leaks in water-tanks before packing to ensure the high quality.

Fenders alone protect the boats 95% of the time while lying in the marina, both in hot weather, but also during storms & hurricanes. Our high quality products can withstand all extreme weather.

DAN-FENDER Heavy Duty fenders, proven quality and durability since 1982.

Dan-Fender inflatable fenders have been used in Indonesia by boat builders, boat owners, five star hotels and resorts, Navy, Coast Guard, and many sporting events.


Why choose Dan-Fender inflatable buoys:

  • Superior Quality
  • More Competitive Prices
  • Made in Europe
  • Custom Colour

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Keman Dock Side Fenders are manufactured according to our software and simulation. Keman rubber compound produces the most suitable tensile strength and elongation for fenders.

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Keman Foam Filled Fender has smooth surface and high flexibility, which allow self-shape adjustment against the berthing vessel. Keman Foam Filled Fender is the first produced in Indonesia.

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Please do not hesitate asking us should you have any question or concern.

Are Dan-Fender Inflatable Fenders available in custom colors?

Dan-Fender inflatable fenders are available in many different color. Some colors we keep them in stock, but some other colors we can specially make for you to suit your boat better.

Are Dan-Fender Inflatable Fenders made in Europe?

Dan-Fender inflatable buoys are all made in Denmark, Europe. Our product quality is passed through quality control system and guaranteed.

Is Dan-Fender Inflatable Fenders compatible with other brand?

Dan-Fender or any other manufacturer like Polyform US or Polyform Norway are all compatible. Dan-Fender inflatable buoys have compatible sizes like the Polyform F2, Polyform F3, Polyform F4, Polyform F6 or any other type and brand. Please let us know which size you need and we can let you know the correct model we have.

Does Dan-Fender have any other type and model?

Dan-Fender from Denmark manufactures many different types of marine fenders and buoys. Dan-Fenders manufactures inflatable buoys, marker buoys, inflatable ladder, inflatable step, inflatable mooring buoys as well as solid polyethylene wih foam filled mooring buoys.