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The world safest 4 person crew transfer basket.

FROG XT4 can carry 4 people or 1 person and a medevac stretcher. FROG-XT4 provides extensive protection from the four major risks of personnel transfer: falling, heavy landings, collision, and immersion. FROG-XT4 is able to float when dropped to the sea or ocean and have self-righting capabilities providing extensive protection against immersion. All of FROG products are equipped with spring suspension system as well as shock absorbing feet.

FROG XT4 is manufactured in UK, Europe.

Some of our customers are Pertamina, PHM, and Medco.

Other Personnel Transfer Products:

FROG XT-6 Reflex Marine PT Kemenangan safest transfer basket


This 6 person carrier is equipped with buoyancy device, 3 point harness, and stainless steel frame.

FROF XT-10 for 10 people personnel transfer basket


Reflex Marine FROG XT10 allows you to carry 10 people or 2 people and two stretchers. It can withstand operational wind up to 40 knots.

WAVE 4 the word's safest stand up personnel transfer basket better than billy pugh


Our most affordable yet safe personnel transfer basket. WAVE-4 is made in UK, Europe.