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Design & Engineering

PT Kemenangan has an in-house team of designers and engineers

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Buoy Stability Design by PT Kemenangan

Buoy Stability Design

PT Kemenangan has a team of designers and engineers to calculate buoys stability to endure the harshness of ocean and sea.

Marine Fender Selection by PT Kemenangan Engineers

Marine Fender Sections

The engineering team at PT Kemenangan has the expertise to offer you the most suitable rubber fender types for your docks.

Floating Hose Calculations & Simulations PT Kemenangan

Floating Hose Calculations

Keman Floating Rubber Hose is the first and the best in Indonesia. Our engineers can design the hose to stay afloat on any water condition.

Elastomeric Rubber Bearing Pad Load Analysis & Calculations PT Kemenangan

Bearing Pad Load Analysis

Our experienced engineers can calculate and simulate the sizes of load bearing pads to support bridges and other building structures.

Keman Marine Bollard Load Calculations & Tests

Bollard Load Test

PT Kemenangan has all the necessary tools to calculate bollard mooring loads as well as any testing required for marine bollards.

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