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Rubber Spacer

 Keman rubber spacer has been test tested and certified.

Keman Rubber Spacer is most trust worthy industrial rubber products brand in Indonesia.

Rubber spacers are most often used for mounting remote reservoirs for shocks. They are made from high tensile strength natural rubber. Rubber spacers can flex to fit most popular tube diameters used for chassis and shock reservoirs.

Rubber Spacers

Our special rubber compounds will fit your requirements well.

Other Industrial Rubber Products:

Rubber Roll Rollindo PT Kemenangan

Rubber Roller

Keman Rubber Roller used to be known as Rollindo Rubber Roll. Our experience and quality speaks for itself since 1984. Do not settle for less.

Keman Rubber Warehouse Bumper

Warehouse Bumper

Keman Warehouse Bumpers are made of high quality and new rubber with steel plate as the reinforcement. Astra is one of our customers.

Keman Rubber Kade meter quay wall number PT Kemenangan

Dock & Slip Numbers

Our famous dock & slip numbers, often called kade meter in Indonesia, have been ordered by many dock owners and operators, like Pelindo.

Keman Rubber Bridge Expansion Joint

Expansion Joint

Keman Expansion Joint has been trusted to protect structures by absorbing temperature induced expansion and contraction of construction materials.


Please do not hesitate asking us should you have any question or concern.

Can we custom order the rubber space?

Yes, Keman Rubber accepts custom orders for our Rubber Spacers. Please let us know in detail what you need and your requirements.

What kind of rubber can we manufacture?

Keman Rubber manufactures our products from natural rubber as well as synthetic rubber. Please let us know you requirements and we can fit it well.