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W Fender

PT Kemenangan manufactures high quality ship fenders.

Keman W Fenders or M style fenders (KWF) give a super elastic protection to the bow and stern of operational tugs, pusher barges, and work boats. Beside for protecting tug boats, W-Fender is also suitable for protecting quay corners, bridge buttresses and other heavy duty applications.

Keman W Fenders are supported by the feet and primarily designed as large thrust fenders for the bow and stern of tugs. M style fenders are mounted side by side following closely the ships’ contours, providing an elastic surface which uniformly distributes the contact force over the contact area.

Keman W Fenders are available from width of 320 mm to 480 mm and height of 200 mm to 300 mm.

Keman Boat Fenders are highly abrasive resistant, light weight, and easy to install.

Keman Ship Fender

Why choose Keman Ship Fender:

  • Llyod Certified
  • Long Experience
  • Testing Facility
  • Reputable Customers

Other Marine Fender Products:

Keman Foam Filled Fender PT Kemenangan

Foam Filled Fender

Keman Foam Filled Fender has smooth surface and high flexibility, which allow self-shape adjustment against the berthing vessel. . Keman Foam Fenders are filled with polyethylene (PE) foam reinforced with layered of nylon cord and covered with polyurea (PU) coating.

Keman Pneumatic Fender Yokohama PT Kemenangan ISO 17357

Pneumatic Fender

Keman Pneumatic Fender is ISO 17357 certified. Pneumatic fenders are also often called Yokohama fender or floating fender. It is ideal for permanent and semi-permanent application at the side of ports or docks, as well as for offshore ship-to-ship transfers.

Dan-Fender Inflatable Fender PT Kemenangan Polyform

Inflatable Fender

Dan-Fender Heavy Duty Inflatable Fender has a huge range of sizes and colors. Dan-Fender is suitable for small dinghies, leisure yachts, fishing boats, patrol boats, police boats, and navy ships. Dan-Fender is a very good substitute to Polyform.


Please do not hesitate asking us should you have any question or concern.

Does Keman Rubber use natural rubber or synthetic rubber?

Keman Rubber produces marine dock fender using natural rubber, when necessary we can use synthetic rubber as required.

Can the fender be certified by a third party?

PT Kemenangan supports all of our customers’ needs and requests. We can have third party inspection done to the products ordered.

Can we request a custom made rubber fender?

Sure. Keman Rubber makes sure all of our products fit and accomodate perfectly to the local environment. Please let us know the detail of your project and we will design the best and simulate the perfect one for your project.

Can PT Kemenangan install the marine fender?

PT Kemenangan will give our best to support our customer. When it is necessary, we will do the installation for our customers.

What makes Keman Rubber more superior than other brand?

PT Kemenangan invested heavily in our Research and Development as well as our Quality Assurance program, besides our CAD softwares, production machinaries, and testing machines. These are some examples of what PT Kemenangan does to make sure Keman Rubber’s quality is superior than other brands.