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Data Buoys

Keman Tsunami Data Buoy are made of polyethylene.

Tsunami Data Buoy looks like a light buoy or navigation buoy, but it has meteorological instruments in it to detect and record undersea earthquakes. Both deep sea tsunami data buoy and ocean surface data buoy can record any change of sea level from under the sea. These tsunami buoys can do early detection and warning as well as real-time reporting of tsunamis before the tsunamis reach the land.

Keman Deep Sea Tsunami Data Buoys are the perfect solution to get early warning system for tsunamis. Keman Buoys are made of high quality polyethylene resin. PT Kemenangan is an authorized agent of Kinemetrics, maker of the world’s best earthquake detection sensors, for many years.

Keman Data Buoys

Why choose Keman Tsunami Data Buoys?

  • High Quality PE Buoys
  • Authorized Agent of Meteo Sensors
  • Long Experience
  • Testing Facilities

Other Meteorological Instruments:

Totex rason radiosonde balon

Sounding Balloon

PT Kemenangan sells radiosonde balloon from Totex Corporation in Japan. Meteorological balloon from Totex are made in Japan. They have the best quality and have perfect round shape.

Sagim GIP3 tabung hidrogen PT Kemenangan

Hydrogen Generator

PT Kemenangan sells GIP3 the best hydrogen generator tank and certified by WMO for inflation of balloons in the upper air stations in meteorology.

Intermet Radiosonde PT Kemenangan

InterMet Radiosonde

PT Kemenangan is the authorized agent for iMet radiosonde by Intermet. iMet radiosonde system features a complete, simple, and reliable system. It has GPS and receiver antenna.


Please do not hesitate asking us should you have any question or concern.

Do we use virgin PE (polyethylene) resin?
Yes, Keman PE buoys and PE floats are made of original or virgin polyethylene resin. We do not use recycled polyethylene to make sure high quality properties are achieved and attained from the original PE compound.
How deep can Keman Data Buoy go?

Keman Tsunami Data Buoys are fully customizable. Our engineers design and simulate our buoys using computer aided design program. Keman Data Buoys can be lowered as deep as 10,000 meter under the sea.